Hot Drinks

Coffee – black / white 3.5

filter / cold brew 4.0

Hot Chocolate – steamed milk over Callebaut chocolate 4.5

Iced Coffee – double espresso over two scoops vanilla ice cream, milk 6.9

Affogato – double espresso over two scoops vanilla ice cream 6.9

Loose leaf teapot – steeped for 3 minutes and leaves removed 4.0

Breakfast {assam, ceylon, yunnan, chinese red}

Earl grey blue flower {ceylon, bergamot oils, blue cornflowers}

Iron goddess {oolong tea, floral flavours of osmanthus blossoms, honey & plums}

Silver jasmine {green tea infused over fresh jasmine blossoms}

Dragon well {rolled wok-fired green tea, aromas of honey, chestnuts & green leaves}

Heal {organic lemongrass, calendula petals, ginger, mint & gennel seeds}

Organic Peppermint {highest grade peppermind leaves}

Digestif {organic peppermint & spearmint, gennel seeds & lavender}

White peony {Fujian white tea, delicate light aroma of white flowers}

Healing Chai – steamed with jersey milk or bonsoy 4.5 / 5.5

{roasted, blended & hand crushed by us}